About NUNC

Shoe concept born from different life and cultural experience.

Living in few countries and various cultures resulted in the unique eclectic mix of: nostalgic east european design, italian sense of beauty and touch of french taste.

Nunc makes a part of the Latin expression Hic et Nunc which means Here and Now and is transformed into Chic et Nunc more glamorous version, still capturing the essence of transience of the modern fashion.

Nunc shoes are made very carefully, with the greatest attention to details. All the components are made in Italy using the highest quality of raw materials (vegetal tanned certificated leather, ecological zips without heavy metals, comfortable 3 mm of poron soft insoles).

Shoes are hand-made in Poland in one of the oldest polish factory, with the help of experienced polish masters.

Nunc is all about finding the perfect balance between elegance and extravagance, comfort and beautiful form, subtle femininity and strong personality of our customers.

Dominika Nowak is a polish born fashion and footwear designer. She was studying film and history of art in Cracow, and fashion design at Studio Bercot in Paris.

She debuted in 2007 with her hairy shoes collection that was awarded in France: Grand Prix en Creation de la Chaussure 2007 – Charles Jourdan Award, Special Prize CTC, 2006 Hat Design – exposed in Hotel de Ville Paris a l’occasion de Cathrinette, shown and described by international press as innovative and original idea.

That’s how Nunc was created.

Dominika in last years was working as designer assistant for various brands and projects (Trussardi 1911, Hugo Boss, Helmut Lang, Cocinelle) and as an independent freelance footwear designer.

“I’m looking for a balance between stylish, elegant form and rough fabric,” says Dominika.

  • "Natural, wild materials, such as pony and long-haired goat, typical of the Polish tradition, reinterpreted with a sophisticated Parisian touch. Two cultures that come together in NUNC collection designed by Dominika Nowak."
    Vogue Italy